presents its new
Capsule Collection

Wool to Go Tailored Knit

Textile innovator, Shima Seiki has joined forces with
three Italian Merino wool yarn manufacturers to create the
‘Wool To Go Tailored Knit’ capsule collection
that offers a new interpretation of tailoring using an innovative form of knitwear.

The Merino wool collection comprises three outfits
that provide a modern and urban interpretation of the
 classic formal look using knitted fabrics,
rather than traditionally used woven fabrics.

The garments are a showcase of the latest knitting technology from Shima Seiki as well as Woolmark-certified Merino wool yarns.

The Wool To Go Tailored Knit wool capsule uses knitting technology to create a first of its kind garment range and features certified yarns from Woolmark licensees Tollegno 1900, Loro Piana and Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia to incorporate the highest quality wool materials.


All the graphics are made on SDS-ONE APEX series.

"SDS-ONE APEX" series supports everything from planning and design, colorways and realistic fabric simulation to 3D virtual sampling.

It contributes to sustainability by eliminating waste from the fashion supply chain. The lineup consists of an all-in-one design system as well as individual design software that can be selected according to customer needs.

Creative Director of Shima Seiki Italia, Vittorio Branchizio

“All three of the outfits originated from the same creative matrix, conceiving a man and a woman always in motion, metropolitan, and with this thought in mind we have produced structures with the latest generation machines from Shima Seiki, using Merino wool yarns from three different spinners from the Biella region.”

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