Pitti Filati is the must-see show for learning about Shima Seiki Italia’s latest technical and stylistic developments: a showcase which, twice a year, “draws brands and customers to view our machinery and samples”, Managing Director Davide Barbieri says.

Shima Seiki’s activities are focused on new technologies and applications to help companies in the clothing industry by guiding them towards new frontiers. “Cerchiamo di essere all’avanguardia proponendo una maglieria innovativa – spiega Barbieri – con l’obiettivo di ispirare i brand ad andare sempre oltre.

”La collezione di Shima Seiki Italia disegnata da Vittorio Branchizio, trova la sua dimensione in una sinergia sempre più forte con Beste Hub, sviluppando parte dei capi della collezione e sperimentando insieme la creazione del cartamodello e la confezione.

“We worked side by side on developing some of the new collection’s iconic pieces, in an ongoing exchange between a company that excels at the production of fabrics, and much more, and Shima Seiki Italia, a huge influence and source of inspiration to me.

An exchange which brought me to combine fabric processing

with knitwear processing”, Vittorio Branchizio says.

This show’s collection expresses the authenticity of raw materials and luxury, from yarns to finished garments.

Shima Seiki Italia Shima Seiki Italia welcomes four companies within its exhibition space, in order to place a value on knitwear from all points of view. The goal is to provide customers with various services. the show, the company will also introduce two new WholeGarment technology machines, for the production of seamless garments, the SWG154 XR 15L and the NSVR 183 21G., il capo senza cuciture, SWG154 XR 15L e NSVR 183 21G.

In 2022, Shima Seiki Italia hired a number of new-generation programmers, and more hiring is expected in the future. Seiki Italia is increasingly committed to shaping the present for the knitwear industry and 2023 is expected to be a critical year for the company, including the attendance at the world’s major trade show in the field, ITMA, in Milan from June 8 to 14.