Shima Seiki Italia S.p.A. – Corso formativo

Shima Seiki Italia S.p.A., an Italian branch of parent company Shima Seiki Mfg. Co., a company
a Japanese world leader in the production and sale of computerized knitting machines,
has been contributing to the promotion and progress of fashion in Italy since 1982.
The company has created a training course, in collaboration with Manpower Academy for
Machine Programming workers.
Given the continuing demand from knitwear industry workers for figures responsible for the
programming of such machinery, Shima Seiki Italy has set up a training course, with the aim of recruitment, aimed at teaching programming on Shima Seiki machines.

A real knitting school, from theory to practice first on hand machines to learn the basics to get to actual programming on electronic machines. Knowing programming on Shima Seiki machinery means giving voice fashion in Italy and beyond.
Programming is where everything is develops. From the design, to the knit codes, to the realization of the finished garment.
Shima Seiki Italy is committed to building a professionalism in that sector and to grow in a solid and constantly constant evolution, as is the world of knitwear.